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Carol Boyd, chair of the Environmental Climate Justice Committee, born Silver Spring, MD,
Furman University B.A. in education 1970, WGC A.S. Registered Nursing 1983, M.A. psychology
1992. Married Jim Boyd in 1971; they and their 4 children have lived in the Burwell community
since 1980.
She worked at Bowdon Hospital, Bremen City Schools’ Early Bird preschool program for children
with developmental disabilities, Tanner Hospital, and the Public Health Department, and retired
from Carroll County Schools’ school nurse program. She has been active in church and
charitable work, was one of the founders of the Empty Bowls fundraiser for the Carroll County
Soup Kitchen, and has been a member of NAACP for about 5 years. She also began and
directed a women’s chorus for the purpose of uniting people through songs about the
environment, social justice, and peace.
Although Carol has been involved in environmental activism since her university days, it has
long bothered her that the movement has seemingly been led by more privileged people like
herself when the worst of the effects of climate change are being felt by black, brown, and
other disadvantaged communities and countries. She has been inspired by actions taken by the
NAACP and a growing number of community organizations over recent years. Because civil
rights and environmental justice are so deeply intertwined, and because the national
organization has led the way and provided resources, she hopes that our local chapter will take
up the challenge in both advocacy and action here at home.

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