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My Name is Denise Parham. I am  a member of the Carroll County NAACP Branch #5179. My husband, Pastor Freddie,  and I are Silver Lifetime Members! I am a retired Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner! I retired from the University of West Georgia, Carrollton, Ga. in 2014. I was drawn to becoming a member of the NAACP because of being a victim of  injustices and prejudices in my life as well as being aware of  many other unfair situations in the lives of my sons,  my circle and my  community. I have been a member of the Dr. MLK Jr. Parade committee since 2004. I  served as Co-Chairperson  of this commit?tee for many years prior to beginning to serve as the Chairperson. I chose  this committee because I honor Dr. King with all my heart,  I believe in his Dream and I believe that we must continue the struggle to fight for equality and justice! The parade is a way that we are able to bring the community together to not forget the struggle and to strive together for a day of unity and love!! The preparation for the parade is hard work but at the end of the day the parade is a big blessing enjoyed by our entire community !!

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