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Rev. (Dr.) Edward J. Landrum       


Dr. Edward J Landrum is pastor of the “Mighty” Moore’s Chapel UMC in Carrollton. He is the former Pastor of Smith Chapel UMC in Pine Mountain Georgia. Rev. Landrum was born in St. Augustine, Florida, our nation’s oldest city.

God has blessed this pastor with a loving wife, Angelia Landrum as well as supporting children and grandchildren. By God’s grace he received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida, and his Master’s degree and Doctor of Ministry degree from Gammon Seminary at ITC in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Landrum believes in preaching and teaching the “uncut” word of God. Just as importantly, he believes that we must "live" the word; that means we must share God’s love with all people. Rev. Landrum is a no nonsense, tell it like it is, open and honest man of God that believes in taking the good news of God’s grace and mercy beyond the four walls of the church, into the community.

Dr. Edward J. Landrum shares these accomplishments to give God the glory, because it’s not about Dr. Landrum, it is all about God. Please keep Rev. Dr. Edward J Landrum and the “Mighty” Moore’s Chapel church family in your prayers.

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